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Hypermarket is a very large retail store offering low prices.

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Yours safety remains our highest priority. All our employees and suppliers are working day and night to help feed the nation.

. Updates for customers/Employees regarding Enhanced Safety Measures As an FMCG industry, in the current pandemic circumstances, we uphold the responsibility to provide food and basic essential of the community. The same time we have an additional responsibility to protect both of our employees and our customers. Right from the beginning of the outbreak, we have taken preventive measure to protect them. Over the past several weeks, we’ve intensified cleaning practices in all our facilities and have issued health and safety guidance for our employees and customers to follow within our stores and employees in accommodation. Below is an update on several new measures we are implemented  Personal protective equipment: We are actively sourcing personal protective equipment (Gloves, Mask, and Sanitizers) for our employees and Customers to use. We assigned a person for temperature checking both customers and employees in stores entrance.  Social distancing signage: Across the outlets, we have been installing signage and floor decals in our stores to remind our employees and customers to maintain a safe  Protective barriers at entrance in busy time: Temporary Queuing system implemented in stores frontline and allowing 60 customers per hour  Trolley cleanliness and safety: To enhance our already robust cleaning measures, we are increasing the frequency of trolley cleaning throughout the day.  Shopping ; Restricted shopping with children under the age of 12 and large group.  Stores cleaning Store floors and merchandised area cleaned twice a day with a standard disinfectant .Fresh food areas get cleaned throughout the day  Curbside Pickup ,online and cashless payment Due to unprecedented demand, we have made some changes to online orders and our usual delivery services. Now Customers can order through by Whats up, online and Telephone. We suggest and promote cashless payments  Vehicle Sterilization All of our vehicles are sterilizing daily and maintaining properly.  Discontinuing Trolley-to-Trolley transfers: Effective immediately, we’re suspending the practice of placing customers’ scanned items into a different shopping trolley at checkout. Our customers will now keep the trolley they started with throughout their entire visit to ensure the best possible hygiene and safety for all.  Stores Timing and product availability Rawabi stores will remain open 24 hrs to meet our customer’s grocery needs. We have good product availability and our incredible colleagues are working tirelessly to restock and replenish shelves as quickly as they can. Our Heartfelt thanks to all our employees for their commitment Rawabi Group would like to applaud with most courtesy and respect all our teams working in stores, warehouses, office and sales, who work tirelessly during this challenging time .We are greatly thankful indebted to your self-service, strength, courage and commitments. Thanks to Suppliers Thank you for your continued co-operation during these unprecedented times. If we continue to work together, supporting each other and finding solutions, we will continue to face into this situation and be able to come through it. Thanks to Qatar Government, Health and Ministry of commerce Moreover, we salute our heroes, doctors and nurses, Ministry of Public health, Ministry of commerce and industry and government of Qatar for their frontlines battling of these Circumstances. Please continue to follow guidance from the Ministry of Commerce, which advises to clean your hands often, practice social distancing, cover coughs and sneezes, and clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Thank you for your continues support

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